Your gallery online!

1 min read , February 28, 2020

I have the great pleasure of presenting your new gallery online! GalleryPHobia is the latest addition to the SE Design family and it is with both joy and pride that we can now showcase the final result.

It has been a long and intense job to get this project done and it has been very demanding to create. Here I have been challenged with knowledge and patience about each other, especially when it comes to adjusting the page to make it look good on mobile devices as well.

A lot of automation is added, as well as both 2D and 3D effects and interactions. The first thing you will see when you visit the site is the 'facade' of the gallery. You will be greeted with pleasant music by Vivaldi, while the gallery welcomes you by pulling in towards the front door and further into the gallery.

Velkommen inn til

Once inside the gallery, you can take the time you need to look around and get to know both artists and artwork. Artists will be highlighted, and so will their art. The great thing about this gallery is that no one has more benefit than others. So whether you are a well-known, profiled artist from the past, or if you are exhibiting for the first time, everyone will look alike in this gallery. Everyone will be highlighted at one time or another, both the person and at least one of his or her artwork.

The gallery is not an online store, but an art intermediary. Just like a regular gallery. You can order the art through the website, the gallery handles the order to the artist, and thus you as a buyer will shop directly from the artist.

The gallery is brand new and at the time of writing, there are only illustrations on artists and pictures, but there are already a number of artists who have expressed their interest and are now filling out forms and photographing their art, so this will be posted in no time. When that happens, of course, current photos, artists / names will be deleted.

Thank you so much for the mission, and congratulate you at the same time on a new nice website!