What is the different between a website to $500,- and $5000,-?

Hjemmesider 4 min read , June 19, 2021
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As a freelance web designer, I am also interested in being part of networks that connect with other web designers. These are both freelancers like me, but also agencies. We are a large group of people, in fact many thousands, and despite that, we are like a family. We stand up and help each other when needed, we get aired thoughts and ideas, we can ask all kinds of questions and get almost all kinds of answers back. Just like in a family, you get an answer to the charge. Almost always serious and good answers, but you also have the family's fun lumps that will also help with some comments that it really puts the laughter door wide open. One of the questions that often comes up is how much should one charge for a website? This is not exactly a good question, because it's about what kind of website it should be, how big it is, how much content and how many pages it should have, etc. But today we got a new twist on the question: What is the difference on a website to $500, - and a website between $5000,- to $10 000,-?

450 - 9500 USD.

The very first who were out to comment on the question, of course, had a lot of twinkle in their eye. As, for example, he who briefly and well pointed out the fact that it differs 450 USD to 9500 USD. Fact-based answer. Humorous, if maybe a little nerdy, but not deleted untrue. But that does not provide an answer to the question that was asked. In any case, not the purpose behind the question that was asked.

Giving a shit

Giving a shit was actually the very first answer to the question, and again with a twinkle in the eye, but also an answer with a lot of seriousness in it. Then you can discuss whether those who invoice $ 5000 and up actually care more about the job than those who invoice $500,-? Some may also think that it has to do with quality. I think that can also be discussed. I have seen expensive websites that I myself had not paid a penny for.

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Who charges $500 for a website?

Who charges $500,- for a website ?, someone answered before she continued: “I have never heard of a website, or a landing page for that matter, which costs as little as $500,-!

This only helps to emphasize what is actually required, and what you as a customer must actually expect the prices for a website to be. Of course, it does not give a concrete answer, and it does not help the person who asked the question to get much closer to an answer. Nothing but that it is a clear hint that invoicing $ 500,- for a website is something no one does, and something you should not do. Raising the price is probably the answer here.

Rule of thumb.

There were many answers that came in, and many of them led to a discussion and almost a discussion about what one should and should not charge, and why. Some brought up the difference between Freelancer and design agency and that it can affect the price as well.

Rule of thumb: it should not cost less than a designer's monthly salary, if the job is estimated to take a month to perform, etc.

The most direct and clarifying answer, in my opinion, and in relation to what the question really was, is the rule of thumb that you should get paid for the job you do. If it takes you a month to create a website, then you should have paid the equivalent of a monthly salary of a web designers monthly salary. And that is a minimum, because if you work as a freelancer, then you must also assume that you have some costs to cover. Electricity, software, telephone, internet, office and office supplies, VAT, taxes, etc. And when the expenses are paid, you will be left with an income that you can live on, just as if you were employed in any preferably another company.

Think about it!

So to all my customers, and all potentially new customers:

Take a look at the rule of thumb again, and ask yourself: With the offers I have received from SE Design, and all the work and all the service that has been put in, will I ever leave for someone else? Or as a new customer: Why have I not become a customer of SE Design a long time ago?

At SE Design, you actually get both high quality, from someone who really cares, and at the market's lowest prices. And this applies not only to the Norwegian market, but also the international market (we are actually very similar in price in Norway vs. international market).

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