Webflow vs. WordPress Part 2

Webflow 1 min read , November 1, 2019


Design and build your store/website from the ground up — without writing a line of code. Like mentioned in part one of this series, the designer got the freeedom to design your project without limitations. With WordPress you have to rely on plugins or a developer, with the limitations and extra costs that will follow.

With Webflow your designer will have the freedom to build with the latest layout technologies, take control of typography, build responsive websites with advanced interactions, and give you flexible CMS products and a colorful site that stands out from the rest of the market. High quality does not have to be at the expense of price. With a Webflow designer you get high quality websites at the same price. At least with SE Design.

Why does it matter?

Again, as mentioned before, design DOES matter! The web is the world's most saturated marketplace, and to be seen you have to make sure your eCommerce or website stands out from the rest. As the Norwegian commercial company Wera is saying so well: If you are not seen, you don't exist. So make sure your project, your company are seen, and stands out from the rest.

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