We make everyday life easier with Pastel

Nyheter 1 min read , August 25, 2020

Dear customer and partners.

I am sending this email to all my customers and partners to tell them that SE Design is now using Pastel to make collaboration easier. MUCH simpler.

Instead of long email threads where it is easy to lose the overview, many and long messages in the construction process of a new website, or emails where you try as best you can to explain what you need help with, I now want everyone switches to using Pastel.


Pastel is free to use!

What is Pastel?

Pastel must be the world's easiest software to use. It is designed to be able to share comments and feedback about a project you are collaborating on. Be it a website, photos or PDF / printed matter.

And this is so simple that anyone can use it.

  1. I will send you a link to the project
  2. You click on the link that you get in your email
  3. Click anywhere on the website, image or pdf file
  4. Enter your comment / feedback
  5. Finished!

Cut feedback time in half

Watch an explanatory video about Pastel.

If you are more visual of yourself, and want to see how this works, then I have made a help video that you can watch.

Everyone must join!

This tool is so easy to use, that I want everyone to use it from now on. Both you and I save time, effort and energy using this program, and the time we save using it, we can certainly have spent on other things.

The program is so smart, you should use it too! Maybe because something has happened that you need some help with? Completely independent of whether you have a service agreement or not. Send me the link and we're up and running. Maybe you need the program because you collaborate with others from whom you need quick feedback? Yes, why not start using it in your own business?

Click the logo to get to Pastel

And remember!

Even though I now use Pastel, and want you all to use this program in the future, it does not mean that we lose the personal contact. I love the personal contact via email, phone, chat and online meetings. We must continue with that. But Pastel makes it easier for us to give feedback, or ask for help. The only difference is that we make everyday life easier with Pastel.

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