SE Design is NOT closed for good!

Nyheter 1 min read , April 14, 2022

SE Design is open as usual! For one reason or another, Facebook shows that SE Design is closed for good. This is wrong! As you can see from the page information, we are open.

After x number of attempts to edit the opening hours, I have finally managed to show that SE Design is open as usual. The problem is that Facebook does not allow me to edit the opening hours so they are the same every day. I hope to get this sorted out very soon.

Sorry if anyone thinks that SE Design is closed due to the incorrect information that Facebook has posted. Facebook has been notified, but of course I have not heard anything from them.

To emphasize it once again:

SE Design is open as usual, EVERY day from kl. 14:00 to 23:00.

SE Design has NEVER been closed down, and we have only been closed on certain public holidays.

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