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Nyheter 2 min read , June 28, 2020

If you have a business, or if you just have an idea that you want to get online, many questions often arise. It's not like you get everything in one place, and it's a jungle out there on the web, which can be difficult to navigate if you are looking for the right software for your purpose.

That's why I thought of putting together a small list of software that I can safely recommend you to use:



Are you looking for a platform where you can create your own website? Then it is Webflow you have to go to. Even if you have no experience creating websites before, this is a perfect tool for creating websites. Whether you have your own design you want to create, so to stand out a little extra on the web, or if you want to use some finished templates.



This software is superior to those who are active on the web, who may have both blog, website, and up to multiple social media to be updated. With StoryChief you just connect the platform to the channels you use daily, enter what you want, add pictures, links, or videos, and with only a few clicks, then your message has gone to all the places you want to post. Then you don't have to go to each place to re-write the record. Here you get everything in one place. It is absolutely brilliant, and very time-saving.


This is another platform I can recommend. This is the place where you can set up web conferences, create webinars or live streams, you can automatically record both meetings and webinars, so that participants can go in and see everything again, just when it suits them. You can also create 'on-demand' videos, where you sign up to watch pre-recorded videos. Of course, there is much more you can do, but here you can just create a free account and play around as much as you want.


With ConvertKit you keep track of all your contacts. Here you will be able to create different forms and landing pages that you can insert on your website, so that you can more easily convert more followers or customers. If you also create some lists and sort all your contacts, you will easily be able to decide what kind of email should go to which contacts. Here I could also write a whole lot, but I recommend to just click on the image above and go in and look at all the possibilities you get with this program. It is well worth its time.


Gumroad is the place to go if you want to sell something but don't want expensive online store solutions. You can easily integrate this 'store' into your existing website and it won't cost you the whole world either. If you want to start small, you can create a free account and Gumroad gets a small percentage of every sale you make. Here you can sell anything. Everything from software licenses, to training videos, ebooks and even physical goods.

One last thing.

There is a lot that could be said about each of these platforms, but I have tried to present the most important things in a simple way. Therefore, I recommend you to click on the logos of the different programs to read and learn a little more about each one.

Good luck!

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