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Hjemmesider 2 min read , June 1, 2021

Yes, you heard right. Now you can make your marketing, online sales or training interactive online! What does it mean that something is interactive? Listen up:

Interactiv video.

If you want to make an interactive video, then it's about making a video where viewers participate in the video by clicking buttons or ‘spotts’. If you have an online store, for example, you can show your product in the video, and at the same time decide whether a small fact card about the product should appear, or just a button where the viewer can put the product directly in the shopping cart.

With interactive video, you can engage your viewers in many more ways than this. You can do it with a marketing video, where spotts appears, or you can create a tutorial video where the student can choose between different buttons, and then the video will go to the selected location and display its contents.

To illustrate this, you can, for example, make a video about heart and lung rescue. You first show a small introduction that can explain something about the 'patient'. Then the viewer can have a choice about what to do next. It can be, for example spotts which provides a choice between ‘check heart rate’, ‘start cardiac compression’, ‘load stable side position’, etc. When the viewer selects one of these spotts (or the buttons if you want), then the video will show how to perform what the viewer has chosen.

You can also ask the viewer questions to see if they have learned anything about the video when it is finished.

And so this is interactive video. A film is made which means that the viewer must actively participate in order to continue the film. And as mentioned, it can also be used as an online store, where you put spotts on the items (eg clothes) that are for sale. Prices appear, you can get more info about the product or garment, such as colors and sizes, etc., just like in a store. Then you just put the item in the shopping cart, and your sales will increase immediately.

Videos like this can of course be used for a lot, and what I have mentioned here are just a few small examples. But here the imagination has no limits to what you can use this for.

Interactive images.

Just as you create interactive videos, you can also create interactive images. This works in the same way, except that this is only a picture. But you will still be able to click on it to get more information about what is in the picture, or possibly buy products shown in the picture.

Interactive PDF’s.

Again, this is about the same as what is mentioned above. You can also create pdf files that are interactive. Now this is nothing new and there are many programs that can make this for you. This is about making e.g. a brochure that you can read online, just as if you were sitting with it in paper format. You flip through it. In addition, you can click on ‘spotts’ to get more information, or to buy products from a catalog, for example.

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