Happy Easter!

Nyheter 2 min read , April 9, 2020

The fact that it is a strange world we live in, has in recent weeks really let us all know. Who would think we should experience something like this. The fact that a virus should be able to expose an entire society, yes, in fact an entire world, seems completely surreal to all of us.

Local and small businesses are struggling cope, together with large and global companies, people are getting sick and dying, others are getting unemployed, and records are being set on records of things we would rather have been without. These are weird times, and we don't quite know how to go about this. We know little about how long it will last. Because even though we in Norway may start to see a slight drop in the situation, as we have got the virus spread down to a more acceptable level, we also know that AS Norway will struggle with the economy completely until the rest of the world can also begin to approach a normal level. And who knows how long that will take?

And here with me, at SE Design, the COVID-19 is marked, and it is marked in several ways. “Brackish disease” begins to register, having been sitting mostly inside since Norway went into lock-down. It is noted that it is more difficult to reach people and that there are challenges in reaching new customers. Fortunately, SE Design is doing very well after all, but I can't help but think of all those who are struggling these days. Whether it is companies, sports teams, organizations or individuals. I hope for everyone that we will see an end to this situation soon, and that we will do well. For all of us.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to follow the government's calls and guidelines. Be good at washing your hands frequently. Avoid crowds of more than 5 people, avoid the Easter hut and the Easter mountain so we don't help spread the virus further. Try making a nice home Easter instead. Go out, but keep a good distance. Preferably a few meters. The better we are at this, the better we are at keeping this huge voluntary job going, the more chance we have of getting back to normal faster.

Thanks to everyone who keeps the wheels running. Thanks to the health care system and the tremendous job they do, thanks to the store employees who make sure there is food on the shelves and who stand in the front line after all.

Finally a big thank you to all my customers. Old as new. Thanks to the followers and to you who show interest in my work.

I wish you all a really Happy Easter!

With best regards,

Sven-Erik Slåttedalen

SE Design