Back to school.

Webflow 1 min read , May 16, 2021
Samuel Osborne

Even though I’m in the middle of a new website project, re-designing a website for a currrent client, and even though a big new website projects is waiting on turn for me to get started working on, I’ve just enrolled to two classes.

So, I guess I’m back to school, and hopefully I’ll learn a lot of great new features that will make me an even better webdesigner.

The first class I’m taking is a course by Samuel Osborne, where I’ll (hopefully) will learn to create interactive experience using Lottie. And it’s this last part that I’m very excited about. Learning to create animation using Lottie. The course will cover, and I quote:

How to create, animate and export animations specifically for Lottie using Illustrator and After Effects. You will also learn how to integrate them on to the web and add interactions such as on-click, hover, morphing and more.

Animtaion and interaction design.

The second course is also about animation and interaction design. In fact, the course is called “Create Award Winning Animation and Interaction Design In Webflow.

Joseph Berry is a well known Webflow expert, and I don’t belive that you can find anyone within the Webflow community that haven’t heard of him. And this awesome guy is the one who has created this course, and will of course also be the speaker. His course will start up in June 2021, and I’m looking so much forward to be learning from one of the very best.

Joseph Berry

And this is what the course is all about:

Animation and Interaction is a fundamental part in creating engaging and exciting experiences. Learn the crucial techniques in creating advanced animations and interactions inside of Webflow.
In this course you will learn all of the techniques in building out complex animations and interactions. As we dig into the fundamentals of animation and interaction design we will explore creative ways to build out digital experiences. This course will cover both how to build out clean HTML and CSS whilst building out animations and interactions that are smooth and perform well. This course will give you all of the tools to recreate, re-ues and elevate your Webflow skills.

No wonder I’m looking forward to this course!

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