18 recommended software for you who will have or are building a new website.

Nyheter 27 min read , February 16, 2021
There is a jungle of software out there, and it can be difficult to find what is right for you.

In this article, I will cover a total of 18 recommended software that should be of interest to everyone, regardless of what kind of company or organization you have, or whether you are an individual.

There is a jungle of software out there, and it can be difficult to find what is right for you. Be it if you create websites yourself, if you have plans to create a website, or if you already have a website and want to look for the opportunity to save time on maintenance work.

How useful or helpful these softwares and platforms are to you, depends entirely on who you are, what you do, whether you already have a website, whether you want to create a page, whether you are responsible for maintaining a website, or if you are just looking for something that makes the job easier for you.

If not all platforms will be useful, then you are guaranteed to find something that will be. You can not go wrong, if you choose recommended software from SE Design.

Software that talks together, cloud solutions and work across devices.

Most of the platforms and softwares I recommend here are platforms I work with myself. I have not used some of them in my work for so long, but I have tested them and found them good enough to recommend them for the use for which they are intended. That is, if a project emerges where I can benefit from these programs, then I will not hesitate to use them.

Before you read on ...

Before you continue reading, it is important for me to say that the vast majority of the platforms I mention in this article are softwares of which I am also a 'part'. By that I mean that there is a type of recruitment campaign behind it. This means that if you click on the links in this article, and become a paid customer of one or more of these programs, then I will be able to get a few percent of them. This will not affect the price for you, or in any way make a difference to you, with the exception of some individual platforms that may also offer you a discount in price if you use one of my links.

Why am I doing this?

The reason I do this is very simple: All the percentages I can get with these software, by customers and others using these links, and becoming paid customers, allow me to keep my prices to you at an absolute minimum. This means that if my customers stop using my referrals, my prices to you will also increase. Ergo; if you stick to my recommended software, then my price to you will also be lower.

Therefore, I would like to ask you and all my current and future customers to use my links and referrals, so that we can all ultimately benefit from this. If you know what you are looking for, just click on a link and create a profile. If you are unsure, talk to me first, and then we will agree on which programs you need, and in what order you may want to create an account with the respective software.


Under this chapter, I will highlight software you use to create websites, as well as software you can use to make collaboration easier for you as a customer and me as a developer.


Webflow: Tool # 1 for designing, creating and publishing websites.

Webflow is the platform I use when I design, create and publish the website for you. If you are looking to create a website all by yourself, then there are of course simpler programs out there, but Webflow is superior to all others. Even WordPress. One of the great things about Webflow is that there are few, if any, limits to what you can create. You can create websites without any knowledge of coding, and Webflow writes this code for you. It is nevertheless the case that if you have very special wishes, you may have to use some coding, or connect the site to a third party. But if you have a little knowledge about this, then it is only the imagination that stops you from creating the most amazing website you can think of. I use Webflow daily, and have this as my regular 'workplace'.


At One you can buy affordable domain..

At One.com you can buy affordable domain. Should you be unfamiliar with what this is, it is easy to explain the URL of your website, blog or online store.

One of the reasons I recommend One.com is because it is easy to use. It's super easy to set up against Webflow, and they work incredibly well together. Via One , you can of course also set up email addresses and such things, and if you upgrade, you can also create your own website and online store there. However, I have never made a website or online store with One, and therefore can not make any recommendation for just that, but One has many strong features that are simple and understandable to deal with.

If you use my reference to One , you will also receive a discount on the price when you shop with them.


Helps you keep track of GDPR / EU's privacy regulations

In the autumn of 2020, I wrote several articles about the EU's updated legislation on privacy rules, and what this means for you as the owner of a website. In the last article, I also considered what software I recommended using. Now I am part of a network of web designers from all over the world, and there is without a doubt one platform that recur when these also recommend software to GDPR secure websites; Termly .

Ingenious program that saves you a lot of headaches.

Termly is an ingenious program that saves you a lot of headaches. GDPR is an intricate piece of legislation that can break anyone and everyone, but with Termly you will ALWAYS be up to date.

What you do is fill in some forms to the best of your ability. Most things are quite easy to answer, and others are a bit like that, that you should think a little about and not just click on fast just to get done quickly. But when you have taken that time, it is also worth it. You do not have to follow up every single month in relation to coockies , regulations, agreements, laws and regulations. Everything is taken care of completely automatically. The only thing you need to keep track of yourself is how long you store privacy information, and that you delete this as you no longer need to store it. Remember that without Termly , everything else will come in addition to what has just been mentioned, and then suddenly your workload will be significantly greater.

And should you choose NOT to use such a software, and just take the chance that it goes well, then you are playing big. The consequences are great if you are caught, and you can risk fines of up to 4% of gross turnover. It is a lot of money.

Then there is one thing I want to emphasize, apart from using Webflow as your website builder and web host, it is to use Termly to secure you and your business.

REMEMBER!!! It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your website are GDPR compliant. We designers have no responsibility when it comes to this. We only give you advice and reminders, and we are never to blame if you don't make sure your website are GDPR complient. We designers can of course help you out, but our responsibility stops there.

Remember to sign an agreement with Webflow!

Once we are talking about this with the GDPR, it is also appropriate to mention that it is not only YOUR handling of privacy information that applies. There are also third-party programs that you use. Therefore, it is important that you write an agreement with Webflow about this, so that you are confident that they also process privacy information, retrieved from YOUR website, in a safe and proper manner. You can easily enter into this agreement by filling out this form . It takes you a maximum of two minutes to complete.

Make everyday life MUCH easier!

If you are looking to make your everyday life much easier, then of course I also have some ingenious programs I can recommend you to use for this as well. It's about saving time. A lot of time, and at the same time get many tasks done at one and the same time, from one and the same place.


StoryChief is the place where you can do almost everything in one place.

Of the 18 recommended software, StoryChief is one of my biggest favorites.

You do not need a website to use StoryChief . StoryChief is present you go for help to post to multiple platforms with just one click. Here you can write a post to social media, and send it out to everyone at the same time. Of course, it can also go to your blog or website, and of course you do not need to have your website on Webflow. It can be Wordpress, Blogger or other platforms as well.

What is StoryChief? Watch the video and get an overview.

Should you also operate in a way where you also want to send out press releases and such things, then you can of course also do so. You can write articles, invite employees to read and comment before you publish, or you can ask for approval of the article if you write it about or for others.

In StoryChief you can also create campaigns that you run online, and you have a full overview of how many readers you have, how many clicks you get, and how many have only seen what you have posted.

If you want to make your life easier when you work with anything online, then it is StoryCheif that applies. And you know what? It's as easy as typing in Word or other document programs you know. And as if this were not enough, you even get help optimizing your article / post against search engines.

Can I get full praise StoryChief ?



Pastel - The collaboration made easy.

Pastel is simply a beautiful tool that makes the collaboration between you as a customer and I as a designer much easier. Of course, it is not just a collaboration program for designers and their customers, this is something you can also use if you collaborate with someone to create a PDF document, or things you may be dissatisfied with on an existing website.

When you and I collaborate, I will send you a link to the website that I work on, so that you can constantly follow the development of the website. If you see something critical along the way that you want to change right away, then just use Pastel to let me know.

You do this easily by logging in to Pastel, taking the URL address and pasting, and then clicking create project. Then you can click anywhere on the page, enter a comment and click Save. When you have finished all the comments, just send it to me by email, and then I will be able to consider all the changes you want to make, without wondering which page you are on, whether it concerns display on PC screen or mobile, etc.

This is so super simple that you just HAVE to have it. Not to mention how much time you save, and all the emails or messages you don't have to send back and forth! Simply ingenious, and without a doubt among my recommended software!

A brief introduction to how to collaborate, and how easy it is.

Recommended software for special wishes and needs.


Thinkific is a recommended software specifically aimed at schools, or you who want to sell digital courses.

Although Webflow is a fantastic tool that I would not trade for everything in the world, there are some platforms that are a little better suited to special needs. If you are a teacher at a school, or you pursue a hobby that you want to share with others, by creating digital courses, and at the same time make money from it, then Thinkific is the place to go.

What makes Thinkific extra good is that you can integrate all courses on your Webflow website.

With Thinkific you can both create and sell one video course at a time, but you can also set up a full curriculum for a theme or topic. To take an example, I myself have prepared a beginner's course in InDesign. This is divided into 12 modules, or chapters if you will, where each chapter deals with different topics. This way you get a nice progression in the course, and you can attach as many videos as you want under each chapter. You can also attach course files, you can create questions or try such that the student can test the knowledge they have learned, you can create separate discussion forums for each course, so that students can show what they have created, discuss the course, ask questions , and not least make it easier for you as a course instructor to follow up the students.

And this makes Thinkific among my recommended software ...

You can also choose to let the students pay for a subscriber, where you post videos, for example once a week, rather than paying for one course at a time. Or you can of course combine these two. Upon completion of the course, you can also send out a diploma to the students. You can set up the exam and exam as well, if you want (you can of course call it something else, but make it a challenge for the students to test how much they have learned).

What makes Thinkific extra good is that you can integrate all courses on your Webflow website. You can, of course, create the entire website, and include all courses on Thinkific , but Thinkific has major limitations when it comes to design. Therefore, you can rather, if you wish, generate small cards with a presentation of the course, and then integrate these in your state-of-the-art website created in Webflow.


Web meetings, webinars, pre-made web pages etc.

This is another recommended software. This is the place where you can set up online meetings, create webinars or live streams, you can create automatic recordings of both meetings and webinars, so that participants can go in and see everything again, just when it suits them.

You can also make 'on-demand' videos, where you register to watch pre-recorded videos. Of course, there is much more you can do, but here you just have to create a free account and play around as much as you want.


If you offer services in the field, and want to have an overview at all times, then it is Jobber you should use.

Jobber is a useful and easy program to use, if you offer services in the field. Maybe you offer home help services, mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, or maybe you run a business and offer services such as electricians, plumbers, etc.

With Jobber , you get a full overview. You save time on paperwork, you have an overview and where your colleagues are, what job they do, and you can give direct notice if they have an urgent job they need to prioritize. You can send the invoice directly to the customer, or you can let the customer pay you as soon as the job is done. Only when using the app.

See a simple intro to some of the tasks you can do with Jobber.


Muzeek helps artists, arenas, organizers, agencies, management companies and music festivals save time and money.

At the time of writing, Muzeek is not a software where neither I nor you get percentages by me advertising them in this way. I still want to put a good word to them, simply because I have faith in this Australian-owned entrepreneurial company.

This software helps artists, arenas, organizers, agencies, management companies and music festivals to save time on bookings, paperwork, contracts, etc.

In Muzeek you get the opportunity to integrate live booking with your website, you get a simple calendar you can handle for your booking, and you get an overview of your events.

A brief introduction to what Muzeek is and what you can do about it.

When you book an artist, you can easily send out a request for confirmation, get automatically completed and updated contracts and much more. So you save both time and money with this software, which simply makes your everyday life a lot easier.

You can also set Muzeek up against Eventbrite, so you can sell tickets, and always have an overview of ticket sales there. Muzeek also makes great posters listing your events, and these can be implemented anywhere.

As you know, I have not entered into any collaboration with Muzeek yet, and I have only just begun to explore the program. But I have undoubtedly got a very good impression of it, so if you operate in this industry, then I would definitely recommend you to check it out, and get even better acquainted with.


Webflow also offers online shopping via its platform, and this works very well if your online store is not too big, or has very special wishes. The reason I say this is simply because at the time of writing, the online store solution for Webflow is still fairly new. Despite the fact that it has been on the market for a couple of years, it is not 100% fully developed, in my personal opinion. It lacks some things that other platforms have, and that specialize in online shopping. The difference then lies in the freedom to design the page as you wish. In webflow you have full freedom for this, but with many others who focus on e-commerce solutions, they do not have the same freedom. That said, it is of course possible to link some of these sites to Webflow, but then the operating costs will suddenly be much more expensive.

With this as a backdrop, I therefore want to mention some fairly simple but good solutions, which are affordable in operation, and which work well with Webflow.


Ecwid can be used as an online store, or as a recommended software for integration into Webflow.

Ecwid is a simple and straightforward online store. It should be possible to set it up in a way that makes it grow with the store's sales and product range. Ecwid is easy to use, easy to understand, and has all the features you need to get started with online shopping.

You can easily build the entire online store in Ecwid , but they have done something ingenious with the software. If you think that Ecwid is a bit too limited in terms of design and ready-made templates to choose from, then you can nicely integrate the online store with Webflow. Webflow also has an online store, but with Ecwid you will be able to save a few kroner by merging it with Webflow. And the great thing about Ecwid is that it almost automatically adapts to the design that you have created in Webflow . You can see an example of this by clicking here . This is a very simple online store that I put together a bit fast and fun, just to be able to show off, and not least to test out some of the features that Ecwid offers.

More recommended software for easy online shopping ...

In this bulk, I simply attach a couple of recommendations that are also about online shopping. They are basically developed to handle digital goods, but have been further developed so that you can also sell physical products and subscriptions.


Payhip is an easy way to sell digital downloads and memberships.

With Payhip , you can very easily get started selling digital downloads (ie digital goods such as video, music, e-books, etc.), in addition to selling memberships. You can not create your online store in Payhip , but you may get the world's easiest way to implement your online store and your goods with a website created in Webflow. This means that you upload your products and have control over them in Payhip , you display your goods on your Webflow website, and this website will also have an integrated shopping cart and secure payment solution either via Paypal or Stripe. Stirpe is by the way the world's most used payment solution, and is 100% safe to use. Stripe is also cheaper to use than Paypal.

When it comes to pricing in Payhip , it all depends on which plan you choose. If you choose to use the free version of Payhip, you will have to pay 5% in transaction fees in addition to the transaction fee to Stripe or Paypal. You can easily upgrade your plan, and if you choose Pro, because you sell quite a lot, you also avoid paying a transaction fee to Payhip .


With Gumroad you can also sell physical products and is definitely a recommended software for a simple web solution ..

Gumroad is in many ways similar to Payhip, but is perhaps even better and has even more solutions. Here you can sell digital products, services, subscriptions and physical products. You can also set up for rent, if you do. Gumroad is also super easy to implement in any website, and works very well with Webflow .

Although you can sell with many different currencies, I would say that the biggest downside with Gumroad is that you have to enter the price of your item in USD. It can seem a little confusing to Norwegian customers, who prefer to pay with Norwegian kroner. But according to Gumroad, the Norwegian currency will appear when you go to the checkout to pay. However, if you want to sell internationally, then Gumroad is definitely recommended if you want a very simple online store , with full control over the design via the Webflow platform.

Gumroad is also very stable, and is probably therefore a recommended software over Payhip.

Live Chat.


A good chat for direct contact with your customers.

There are almost countless chat solutions to choose from for your website. There is no doubt that some stand out more than others, and are far more well-known and far more used than just JivoChat . The most of them also cost a lot to use, but there are also those that are free to use (with some restrictions of course), and which are well suited.

I myself have tested several of these, but in the last couple of years I have landed on JivoChat . This chat can be used as a simple chat, or also with a team as support. You can create some ready-made questions that appear automatically in the chat when someone visits your page, and you can also create ready-made answers in your back end, to give answers to the most frequently asked questions faster and easier.

JivoChat has a lot to offer, and as I said, is just as suitable for large companies as for a sole proprietorship. You can easily connect the chat to your company page on Facebook, so that everyone who writes to you there, you will be able to respond via JivoChat.

Much could have been said about JivoChat here, but instead of writing a lot and far, you should rather take a look at this video. Here you get an introduction and an overview of what you get when you use JivoChat .

Introduction to JivoChat


Landbot in action.

Landbot is a very special chat, and which stands out from many others. You have probably seen that many websites today, including on municipal sites, are a robot chat that you talk to. And Landbot is just that. A robot chat.

But what makes Landbot stand out from most other such bots is that you can easily jump in and take over the chat with the customer, and thus talk directly with the person. Landbot can also set up against Messenger, or you can connect it to eg Mailchimp, WhatsApp and more.

You can use Landbot to answer questions that visitors to your website have, or you can also use it to launch a new product, or also gather information about a potential new customer.

If you want to save time on the chat, use Landbot . Quite simple. Let the robot answer for you and do your job, or let the customer ask to talk to you, and the chat is automatically put over. And precisely this is one of the things that makes Landbot different from most competitors (in addition to price ...); The competitors' robot chat is just that. Very few of them let you take over chatting with the customer, thus creating a whole lot of frustrations because the customers do not get an answer to what they are really wondering. You can avoid that with Landbot .

Simple. Great. An absolutely recommended software.

Introduction to Landbot.

Recommended Email and Marketing Software.


Sendinblue, email and marketing program to fall in love with.

Sendinblue is like the perhaps better known Mailchimp. It is a marketing tool where you can handle most things in one place. Which of these tools you choose is entirely to your liking and liking. Even so, I'm not particularly excited about MailChimp, and have landed on Sendinblue in the present.

Sendinblue offers you many good solutions. It may take some time to get to know the program properly, but once you have done that, Sendinblue is simply a very good program. And then it is also the case that you get a lot for free, before you even have to upgrade. And when you need to upgrade, the prices are very affordable compared to the competition.

What do you get with Sendinblue ?

Sendinblue is first and foremost a marketing program that helps you then send out newsletters and marketing materials via email. This is in the same way as MailChimp and MailerLite. Of course, you can also create your own designs on your emails, depending on what it is you are going to send out. Still, you can create them in a way that keeps your business colors and expressions, so that you are also easily recognizable in your emails.

You can also do marketing via text message. You can create a chat that you set up on your website, so that everyone who chats with you will automatically be added to lists you create in Sendinblue. That way, you always have an overview of who you have permission to send marketing to and who does not. And of course, Sendinblue GDPR is approved, so if your customers sign up for your marketing (email or text message) they will of course be removed from the lists, and you will not have to wash them yourself.

You can also connect your company email, thus managing everything from Sendinblue . You also get a CRM to keep track of all your customers and their information such as phone number and where they work, etc. You can also set up automated campaigns against segments you have selected, so that Sendinblue runs this for you without you having to think any more about it. Which of course also means you can set up segments for all your customer lists.

Furthermore, you can create landing pages, which you can use if you are going to create sales campaigns and ads. You can create forms that customers can sign up for, for example to receive offers or the latest news. You can also link the program to Facebook Ads, if you want to run advertising against Facebook. And not least, you can set up 'Retargeting'. This means that you can set up ads that appear to your customers when they visit other websites on the web, in order to get them to click back to your own website. And finally, of course, you have a sea of reports that can tell you how your email marketing, your ads and everything else you did in Sendinblue has gone .

Introduction to Sendinblue


MailerLite is like Sendinblue, but maybe easier to navigate around.

MailerLite is just like Sendinblue. You get, I think, pretty much the same features and you can do all the marketing in one place.

That way, I do not really need to write very much about MailerLite, but I can mention that MailerLite is probably a lot easier to navigate around, than it is in Sendinblue. You also get the experience that it is a somewhat easier process to create and design your own email templates and things like that. So MailerLite is definitely recommended there as well.

Why is MailerLite not my first choice?

The answer to that is very simple. I myself use the free version of the marketing program, and Sendinblue gives you the opportunity to send far more emails every day, and every month, completely free, than what MailerLite does. So the question here is probably how many free emails per day / month do you need before you are interested in upgrading?

In addition, if you have to upgrade, MailerLite costs a little more than what Sendinblue does. And this is what makes the difference in my choice. But if you have the finances to pay a few extra kroner per month, and you want a program that is very easy to navigate around to get your tasks done, well then I would rather choose MailerLite than Sendinblue.

Introduction to MailerLite


ConvertKit for email, landing pages and forms, to bring in more leads.

ConvertKit is in a way a two-in-one program. Just like MailerLite and Sendinblue, you can do email marketing with ConvertKit. You can also create landing pages for offers you want to promote on your website, for example by creating pop-up pages or forms when a visitor is about to leave your website.

This is very easily explained, of course, but so is ConvertKit. It is also in the name ... Convert - Convert. It's about converting visitors to your website into potential new customers. This helps to build your email lists, which in turn allows you to create great emails that you can use when sending out marketing to your customers. And like the two previous programs, of course, ConvertKit also helps keep track of GDPR legislation when someone signs off your lists.

But ConvertKit is more than that. If you have digital products that you want to sell online, then you can do it here as well. You can sell it as a one-time payment, or as a subscription. That is, recurring payment. However, it is not planned that you can sell physical products. At least not at the time of writing, but who knows? It may come later, too.



With Visme you create presentations and much more in an easy and fast way.

What is Visme ? Yes, it may not be so strange to ask. Simply explained, I would say; Forget Power Point, use Visme!

And with that, you have probably figured out what Wisme is and what you can do about it. You can create great and interactive presentations in a very simple way. You can create reports with infographics, both for web and printing of course. You can also work with teams to create your presentations, so you do not have to do it alone. Just invite, and then you work together.

Instead of listing a whole lot here, I suggest you take a look at this video that shows you what you can make and how easy it is:

Forget Power Point, use Visme !


... and with that you've got 19 different software that I can recommend you to use. I hope it has been helpful and useful, and that you use the links I have posted, so that both you and I can benefit from it.


By clicking on my links in this article, you will also help me to keep my prices as low as I do. Without this help, and this cooperation, the prices of my services will rise, and it will be difficult to offer perhaps the country's lowest prices. In other words, you are doing both you and me a BIG service by using these links. Never forget it!

Have a nice day!

Sven-Erik Slåttedalen, owner and CEO of SE Design .

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